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Tag: mobile

This is my first game and this is testmove with arrows and shoot with space bar
MacFarland Group for the Cross-Curricular project, game made by Christian ParkerArrow keys to move, answer questions to continue.
How Many Touches You Can Do In 10 Seconds?Play IOS: Android: [...]
Press Space to Fly the hotdog.Space = Fly.Red Arrow = Slow game down.Green Arrow = Fasten game up
Smash Jellies as long as you want! Neverstopping fun!Click on any jelly whenever you're ready
Shoot the squares coming from the right to get points. If they touch the base on the left, you lose points. If they touch you, you lose health. The longer you play, the harder it g [...]
HYPERSROONKA THE PRE-SEQUEL IS THE BEST RUNNER EVAR!Any key to jumpupgrade the Sroonka after diebuy new levels
A simple side-view shooter where you're an archer that needs to shoot down hordes of wyverns, some dracoknights while trying to avoid any Goddess Dragons while trying to get th [...]
el un juego que te guste o no, pero de igual forma te reto que lo juegues te va a encantartienes que quitar todos los cuadros multicolor para ganar (:-)
Avoid the flying stuff while chipping away at the Boss' health.Good luck!Usual WSAD/Arrow keys for movement.Mouse'l shoot.